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United Auto Insurance Company

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) was incorporated on March 2, 1989 in North Miami Beach, FL to provide a high quality and low cost insurance product to the non-standard automobile insurance market. The company is family owned and is one of the largest privately held property and casualty insurance companies in the United States.

Mission Statement

The mission of United Automobile Insurance is to provide a quality, affordable insurance product to a diverse segment of the American population. Through constant analysis and investments in technology and infrastructure, UAIC will continue to grow, and will strive to become a leader in the nonstandard automobile insurance industry, while never losing sight of the underwriting discipline and claims philosophy that contribute to consistent underwriting profitability.

Personal Automobile CoverageAutomobile Insurance

With United Automobile Insurance, you get it all: low rates and money-saving discounts, personalized coverage options, expert advice from your local independent insurance agent, and superior claims service.

Whether it's for your car, truck, or SUV, your independent insurance agent is ready to talk about your coverage needs and explain everything you need to know about insuring your auto — the coverage's you need, what to do if you have a claim, and more!

In addition, your independent insurance agent knows that your coverage needs change with time. So if you get married, add a new teenage driver, buy a new car, sell an old car, store your car for the winter, or even move, your independent insurance agent can help you change or update your coverage.

Commercial Vehicle CoverageCommercial Auto Insurance

Different businesses have different coverage needs. That's why United Auto Insurance offers services personalized to suit commercial vehicle coverage needs.

For more than a decade UAIC has been insuring business automobiles as well as personal vehicles, UAIC understands just what you need — and when you need it. You'll find UAIC provides competitively-priced commercial auto insurance coverage for more drivers, vehicle types and businesses than ever before.

Tips to get discounts on Auto Insurance in Texas

1. Accidents on the road can result in higher insurance premiums at policy renewal time. Some accidents and fender benders can be avoided simply by keeping your vehicle in good working condition. A well maintained vehicle will perform better when you need it. Good Tire Tread and Topped off Fluids will help ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle allowing the driver a vehicle more responsive to accident avoidance scenarios on the road.

3. Traffic tickets can cost you big on your insurance premiums. Avoid costly citations by observing posted road signs and signaling devices. Careful attention to the rules of the road such as speed limits and other and traffic control and zoning signs can result in a safer driving experience. It will also help avoid unintentional transgressions that could result in a ticket, ultimately saving you money on your insurance rates.

2. Vehicle Safety; Many Automotive manufacturers are now producing vehicles with new and innovative passenger safety features. As technology advances establish in the Automotive Industry the trend is expected to continue. Standard and Enhanced Vehicle Safety features can save you big on your car insurance rate.

4. Many Drivers do not know the  discounts that may be available to them through their insurer. If you don't know something exists you cannot position yourself to take advantage of it. Tell your insurance agent about any additional features your vehicle is equipped with and ask about available discounts.

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