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The Texas Fair Plan Association is not an insurance company. It is an insurance market organization managed by the state of Texas in association with Admitted Texas carriers with the goal of assisting Homeowners with credit problems, excessive claims history, or those who can not find insurance the traditional way for various reasons.

Homeowners insurance with poor credit history

Credit challenges can often hamper our ability to find affordable Homeowners insurance through the traditional means. The Fair Plan can help you weather 2 years at a time when credit has become a stumbling block for many homeowners. If you have been declined by 3 or more insures, you could be eligible for placement through this state managed market. All insurers participating in the market are approved by the Texas Department of insurance for participation. Our agency can facilitate placement of coverage if you find yourself in a situation where your recent credit history has effectively excluded you from the market. We provide a wide array of Property & Casualty products to independent agents through binding authority and brokerage relationships with some of the strongest A.M. Best rated companies in the industry.

Property & Casualty binding authority companies include both eligible surplus lines insurers and a standard admitted Homeowner's insurer. The company also has brokerage relationships for larger premium/complex accounts that fall outside of binding authority guidelines. All binding authority carriers are AM Best "A" rated or better. "We write all kinds of Homeowner's, including ALL Texas municipalities and counties".

Homeowners insurance with prior claims history

Homeowners in high risk areas or who have had multiple claims that may be considered excessive, can utilize the Fair Plan to locate insurance for property risks within the sate who might not otherwise. The market provides a wide array of Property & Casualty products to independent agents through binding authority and brokerage relationships with some of the strongest A.M. Best rated companies in the industry.

Eligibility for Fair Plan insurance in Texas

If you have been declined insurance for your home by 3 or more Insurers based either on your Credit Rating or due to excessive Prior Claims History or due to your homes geographical location in what is considered a High Risk area, you are most likely eligible to request coverage through the Texas Fair Plan Association. Only your Insurance Agent however, may submit your application. You Agent must also be enrolled in the plan and authorized to submit your application for coverage. Once placed, your coverage can be accepted fro 2 years. After 2 years if your Credit or claims History has improved you should be able to find coverage through the traditional market place. If your circumstance have not improved and you are again declined coverage from 3 Texas insurers, your agent may again submit your request for coverage through the Texas Fair Plan for another 2 year term.

Texas Fair Plan Mission Statement

TFPA’s mission is to efficiently provide essential residential property insurance products and services for eligible Texas policyholders when no one else will. In 1995, the Texas Legislature enacted legislation which authorized the commissioner of insurance to establish the Texas Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan, commonly known as the Texas FAIR Plan Association or TFPA, to deliver residential property insurance to Texas residents in areas designated by the commissioner as underserved.


Fair Plan Insurance Access for Texas HomeownersCommercial Insurance

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Fair Plan Insurance access in Texas

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