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Texas Non Owners Insurance Coverage

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Non Owners insurance is recommended only for persons who do not own a vehicle and do not have regular access to a vehicle.


Non Owners Insurance does not cover owned but non-registered vehicles.


This type of Policy is primarily designed to meet Financial Responsibility Requirements for the Occasional Driver who does not actually own a vehicle. When operating the vehicle of another person, We often may not be able to verify that the Vehicles Owner has provided adequate Financial Responsibility. Such an event may arise with little notice or even in an Medical Emergency. A friend might ask you to drive on a short jaunt to the store.

In Most States, Non Owner Insurance Policies are designed for licensed drivers who do not regularly drive or operate a vehicle and do not have regular access to a vehicle. This type of coverage generally provides no coverage for damage to the vehicle being operated and is very limited in it's scope of coverage. the coverage also will generally not extend to the operation of vehicles owned by family members and household residents due to the access restrictions.

If you obtain a vehicle during a policy period you should notify your insurer so that the vehicle can be added to your policy.


A Non Owners Policy is generally considered:

1. Secondary coverage to any auto policy already on the Vehicle being operated.

2. Primary Coverage for the Named Non Owner Insured when no other coverage exists.

The policy can be obtained with most options offered with auto liability such as PIP, Med, Uninsured and Underinsured motorists coverage. Coverage can be afforded in cases where the owners policy limits have been exhausted or when it is found that no other coverage exists.


Remember when operating a motor vehicle in The state of Texas, Financial Responsibility is on the Driver behind the wheel. Accidents do happen and we should always verify that Adequate Insurance Coverage is in place before we operate a motor vehicle whether it is ours or that of another person.

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