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Liquor Liability Insurance


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Liquor Liability Insurance

Optional Coverage

  • Assault & Battery coverage on most risks

  • A Separate Aggregate limit on each insured location

  • Additional Insured's

  • Employee Benefits Liability (claims made basis)

  • Acts of Terrorism

In order to quote the GL, we must quote the liquor liability. Either line may be bound on a stand alone basis but the risk must qualify for Liquor Liability.

Eligible Classes of Businesses

  • Bars & Taverns

  • Bowling Alleys

  • caterers and Rental Halls

  • Clubs

  • Comedy Clubs

  • Golf Courses

  • Restaurants

  • Retails Stores

Coverage up to 7 million per location.

Night Clubs Liquor Liability Insurance

Texas Quotes are available in all lines, Auto, Homeowners, Commercial and Professional lines.

Liability Insurance in broad terms is coverage that can provide protection for certain actions or inactions of the named insured that may result in a financial liability. When Liquor is involved, both direct or indirect losses can arise for which an insured might be held financially liable.

Bar Owners Liability Insurance

One never knows when a Liability claim may arise from our of our daily activities. Personal and work related issues can lead to unexpected consequences. A good comprehensive policy is the best option For Night Club Owners Insurance. Legal defense costs are standard on all policies.

Property Owners Liquor Liability

You and your property face unique risks uncommon in other business. Insurance for a Bar or Night Club can save the owners a lot of money and grief should the unfortunate happen in your establishment. When a person is injured or property damage occurs through the action or inaction of a property owner, liability assertions can arise. It's a good idea to have Liquor Liability coverage on your insurance policy in an amount that is adequate to cover potential losses from claims.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Night Club, Bar Owners Insurance

The practice of law involves guiding people and organizations through what are often tumultuous, complex, and emotion-laden transactions and occurrences. Often, the guidance has to be through the Byzantine court system.

Common everyday risks can be covered with your business insurance. Liquor Liability, Cyber liability, Professional liability, auto liability and more.

Purchasing a Comprehensive Insurance Policy is a smart way of managing your risks. It is much preferred by most to discuss your potential looses or risks with an Insurance Agent rather than have to discuss them with yours and your claimants attorney after a loss has already occurred. A good Insurance Agent may should be able to help you identify and avoid certain risks before an accidental loss occurs.

Liquor liability Insurance Quotes are processed in the order they are received 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday on all business days excepting Holidays and certain severe weather days. Moratoriums are standard while your area is under a Tropical Storm Watch or a Hurricane Warning. So make sure your coverage is in place before it's needed.

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Professional Liability Insurance, or Errors and Omissions Insurance is available for professionals of all types. Insurance Agents, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Legal Practitioners, Medical Malpractice for Doctors, Medical Practitioners. etc.

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