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E&O for Insurance Agents in Texas

E&O for Insurance Agents in Texas


As Insurance Agents, our profession is about advising customers and clients about risk and how to handle it. One of the ways that risk can be handled is through E&O insurance. Insurance is the transfer of risk to another entity, usually to an insurance company.


We sell insurance. We owe it to our customers and clients, and to ourselves, to have a good understanding of it. However, we also have businesses to run and families to feed. Therefore, sometimes we do not have time to get a complete understanding of the insurance policies that we sell, or we sell several types so that the lines get blurred. When that happens, we can do a disservice to our customers and clients.


How E&O Insurance Works and What is does

 E&O for Insurance Agents

If one of our clients makes a mistake that causes financial harm to another, and is not properly insured due to our fault, the client may look to us to take care of that harm. This is especially true if the insurer that we placed the client with denies the claim. Essentially, because of the mistake, we become the “insurer” for the claim. The basis of responsibility for errors and omissions may be stated in terms of negligence, breach of contract, or both.


Negligence is the failure to act in a way, or attain a standard of care, that a hypothetical “reasonable person” would attain under similar circumstances. The “reasonable person” is one who has essentially the same experience and training as we do. “Breach of contract”, in this contest, means that we promised to help the client transfer risk to the insurance company but failed to do so. That is why it is called “Errors and Omissions” insurance. Importantly, the customer or client has to prove these things and also, that the client suffered damages as a direct result of our actions or failure to act.


An understanding of agent’s E&O Insurance is critical for any insurance agent. It is a form of “malpractice” insurance. It is separate and very different from Commercial General Liability insurance, because Agent’s E&O covers the insurance professional in his/her/its activities as an insurance professional. Commercial General Liability insurance does not cover professional errors and omissions liability and furnishes no protection to you for those types of claims. You are risking you own assets, present and future, if you do not have this kind of coverage.


Agent’s errors and omissions coverage provides several benefits. Some include:


  1. The insurance company investigates the claim at its own expense. This involves an adjuster taking statements, assessing that which the agent did or did not do in servicing the customer or client, and evaluating claimed damages. The adjuster also assesses whether the damages that may have resulted, directly arose from the agent’s action or inaction.  This is called “proximate causation”. It is very important that the agent cooperate fully with the insurer in this process.


  1. If the insurer determines that the agent was negligent or breached the contract to obtain coverage, and that damages resulted, it will attempt to settle the claim upon the best possible terms without risking a lawsuit. This may or may not be possible. The insurer has an obligation to you to settle within policy limits if that can be done.  Sometimes the policy provides that you, as the insured, have to approve a settlement.  Some policies also provide that you have to contribute a certain amount to the payment of the claim; this is similar to a deductible.


  1. If the claim cannot be settled and you get sued, the insurer has an obligation to defend you. In general, this involves hiring and paying a lawyer to represent you in the lawsuit. It is critical that you cooperate and work with the attorney in the defense, attend depositions, and otherwise comply with all directives. The failure to do so can jeopardize your defense and coverage under the e&o insurance policy.


This E&O Insurance coverage is Professional Liability errors and omissions for insurance agents in Texas and can be purchased as a stand alone policy or as part of package. The package can include General Liability. Commercial or Business Property coverage, and the standard BOP form. Remember though, that E&O coverage is needed to protect you from liability in your activities as an agent.


E & O Premium Rating / Pricing

An Agents Errors and Omissions insurance premium rate is based primarily on three factors.

1. The agents annual premium volume.

2. The agents experience in writing the lines of business he or she sells.

3. Previous claims history (The frequency of prior mistakes).

In general, The more volume production, the greater the likelihood of making a mistake. Likewise, the more experience an agent has in his line of business the less chance of a mistake.



We use our experience and expertise in the market of Errors and Omissions for Insurance Agents to bring you respected insurance providers so that the providers that compete for your insurance business. We work with you and them to get the best insurance coverage at the most affordable cost.


You may submit your insurance needs to us for evaluation and get an online quote using the button above. We will work with you to tailor a program that meets your needs and fits your budget. Whether you need Professional Liability coverage, Commercial Business coverage, Equipment, Inventory, or even Commercial Auto insurance, we offer our expertise and  personal attention


Additional Information -

Agents Errors and Omissions for Insurance Agents

This type of coverage should not be confused with a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy. They are not the same, Commercial General Liability does not provide coverage for Professional Liability claims.

Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance is often referred to as Agents E&O coverage or an Insurance Agents Professional liability Insurance Policy. This professional indemnity insurance line coverage is insurance that covers you and your agent activities for the professional services you provide or failed to adequately provide, Insurance agents E&O insurance coverage provides protection from liabilities that may arise out of your normal Agency operations.

Errors and Omissions Insurance provides coverage for the Cost of legal defense and judgments against you or your operations. Even if you are eventually found not liable for an error or omission the cost of defending a lawsuit can total tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The costs of legal defense have been known to result in Bankruptcy for some agents when coverage is not in place.

E&O coverage for insurance agents is a professional Liability Lines product. For professionals in the Medical or Legal fields, such as Doctors Nurses and Attorneys, the coverage is often referred to a Malpractice Insurance.

E&O insurance coverage provides financial protection for you in the event that an error or omission on the agents part causes a tangible financial loss for the insured client.

Claims made policy forms are available at this time.

E&O for Insurance Agents in Texas is available for experienced and new agents. Lines accepted at this time are Property and Casualty Agents as well as Life, Medical Lines. Mutual fund and Annuities,

Financial planning activities require special endorsement. When requesting an Agents E&O Quote please be sure to choose all relevant lines with the volume in all requested fields for a prompt reply.

Errors and Omissions for Insurance Agents in Texas is made available as a stand alone program or as a package policy which can include General Liability, Commercial or Business Property and the usual BOP type forms. Umbrellas are available as well.


All Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance in Texas Markets that your E&O request are matched with have been prequalified and Rated as B+ to A+. Most providers you will find to be A+ Rated Underwriters or Agent Brokers of A Rated Underwriters. The Minimum Company Rating currently accepted is B+. Many Personal Lines quotes do not require credit scoring though some markets will decline to quote without it. Most all Commercial lines will require Business or Guarantor Credit Scoring.

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