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Saving On Home Insurance

Basically, the term is going to vary in meaning depending on our own sensibilities guided by our budget.

In the old days, most people insured their homes through a home fire insurance policy. The old reliable stand alone fire insurance policy today is rarely sufficient to meet the coverage needs of homeowners. Home Financiers and Mortgage lenders these days almost always require extended coverage with replacement coverage. Homeowners today typically have possessions including pricey electronics, furnishings and other modern living essentials that could cost a small fortune to replace.

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Not to fret though as there are still many ways to save on our home insurance policies while still covering the risks that most homeowners face today.

Policy form types

Before getting into the various coverage options it will be helpful to get familiar with the Homeowners Insurance Policy form types available in today's market. There are basically three form types. Each form number provides progressively broader coverage and generally at a progressively higher rate.

Form 1.  DP1 and HO1, Basic coverage, extended coverage endorsements available. The form can be offered along with many extended coverage options as well. It is generally the cheapest of all home insurance policies to buy into but can be endorsed to provide a comfortable level of coverage for some homeowners on a tight budget.

Form 2.   DP2 and HO2 - Extended coverage, additional coverage endorsements available. The form 2 is often recounted as the most popular homers coverage form in America today. It offers a balance of coverage and affordability.

Form 3.  DP3 and HO3 - Broad Coverage, sometimes referred to as "All Risk" coverage. Form 3 policies offer the broadest coverage available today but they are generally also the priciest policy an insurer may offer.

Policy forms beginning with DP can offer coverage for both owner occupied as well non owner or tenant occupied properties.

Policy forms beginning with HO offer coverage for owner occupied homes only. The coverage becomes null and void upon the owners vacancy of the home. Coverage is not valid for tenant occupied homes.

Home Structure coverage

Be sure that your home is properly valued for insurance purposes. Should we suffer the dreaded loss to our home. We don't want to  be underinsured but we also don't want to be over insured as well as this adds unnecessary cost to our premium.

Unscheduled Contents coverage

Most home insurance underwriters will offer unscheduled contents coverage as a percentage at 40 or 60 percent of the homes insured value . With the prices of real-estate in today's market this can sometimes far exceed the value of our possessions within the home. If you believe you have excessive contents coverage you might consider asking your agent if you can reduce the unscheduled contents portion to 30 or 25 percent.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is often considered the most important portion of coverage on a homeowners insurance policy next to the main structure itself. Review your policy liability limits. If you find you have 1 or 2 or even 5 Million dollars in liability coverage and your home is a 150 thousand dollar typical suburban, you might want to consider a more Affordable range of 100, 300 or 500 thousand in liability coverage. In some markets the extra liability insurance included in the policy could be a beef up of a policy to make the asking price more palatable. Never the less though one should take an assessment of ones liability exposures and attachable assets from time to time to insure we have enough coverage to protect our exposures. These occasional assessments can also save us money on our home insurance premium by knowing the limits of coverage we actually need.

Med Pay

Many Home insurance providers automatically include some coverage amount for accidental injury in the home. This coverage is most often referred to as "Med Pay" and considered by some to be an attractive policy beef up. Often this coverage is anywhere from 500 to 5000 or even 10,000 dollars. When we already have a separate ACA compliant health insurance policy, this is considered by many to be unnecessary double coverage. A health insurance policy provides coverage regardless of whether our injury occurs in or away from home. You may consider asking your agent if there would be any savings by removing the med pay coverage from your home policy if you believe you already have a comprehensive Health insurance Policy.


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